You need the right words to convey the right message with resonant images and memorable quotes.

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Writing with Impact


It’s all about engaging with an audience through the power of the spoken word.  After a lifetime of writing scripts for national broadcasts, Sean brings the same skills to craft speeches that make an impact. Speech writing means listening to your ideas and molding them into a talk that delivers your message in your voice in a way that reaches your listeners.  We’ve done it for:

  • A senior government minister who needed to articulate a crucial policy initiative
  • A company president who had to deliver important, sensitive news
  • The CEO of a national transportation firm articulating profound modernization plans
  • An industry association leader who was addressing changing times in a field that affects us all
  • The founder of an international charity who aspires to change lives for the better
  • Himself (blushing) on crisis communications, the state of the news media and on his book

Op-Eds/Blogs/Annual Reports/News Releases/Videos

You have something important to say. An opinion on public policy. An annual report to shareholders and the public. A transformative initiative.

You need to articulate a position in a way that influences opinion.  You need to communicate complex ideas in a way that reaches a general audience.

We’ve written powerful, award-winning stories for nationwide audiences in both print and broadcast.   For our clients we craft op-eds, reports, blogs and media releases with clarity, impact and eloquence.