It doesn’t matter if it is a board room or a court room, a pitch to a client or investor,

a speech to a room of 500 or a live broadcast to a million people,

if you speak well, you’ll soar.

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Media Training

Crisis Communications

Presentation Training

Writing with Impact

Public speaking does not come naturally to all of us. But any of us can improve with expert coaching.

You will receive insightful training in voice and speech, performance and speech writing. You’ll get it from someone who has spoken to audiences large and small and written keynotes for corporate leaders.

You’ll get practical advice on:

  • Crafting winning speeches/presentations
  • Overcoming nerves
  • Voice & speech coaching
  • Effective body language
  • Pacing, projection and tone

We will get you on your feet to practise speaking in a safe, supportive and positive environment. We’ll have a few laughs.

We will leave you with lessons that you can practice on your own and we offer follow up coaching to prepare you for your next moment in the spotlight.