Whether you have done hundreds of interviews or none,

facing a reporter is a high stakes encounter.

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Media Training

Crisis Communications

Presentation Training

Writing with Impact

We’ve been there as both the questioner and the trainer.  Thousands of times.  We leverage that experience to empower you with knowledge and give you tools to succeed with sessions that are tailored to match your needs. 

We focus on preparation and practice. Lots of practice, in real world scenarios, with realistic interviews shot by an experienced TV News cameraperson.

You’ll learn:

  • How reporters work, their needs and demands
  • Essentials of media relations—what to do when a reporter calls
  • Crafting effective, resonant messages
  • Responding to crisis and reputational challenges in the age of social media
  • How to prepare for an interview
  • How to anticipate and answer tough questions
  • Essentials of presentation for interviews in studio, on location or over Zoom
  • Specialized crisis communications training sessions

We offer programs that are half-day, full-day or multiple day sessions, with groups large or small, or with individuals in intensive one-on-one sessions.  They can be done face to face or over Zoom.