Media Training

Whether you have done hundreds of interviews or none, facing a reporter is a high stakes encounter.

Words matter.  Gestures matter.  Seconds matter.

McGuinty Interview

Sean’s proprietary training program 10,000 Interviews* prepares you for success. Learn from an award-winning journalist who has interviewed heads of government, CEOs and people in crisis; a writer who has crafted messages and statements for the most challenging situations; and a trainer with long experience in preparing leaders for tough interviews.  Practical, insightful and realistic training from someone who has been there and done that.

He focuses on preparation and practice.  Lots of practice.  It all starts with his preparation: listening to you, discerning your needs and crafting a tailor-made training session.  We offer one on one coaching, small group workshops and larger seminars.


You’ll learn:

  • How reporters work and what they needOREA media training 3
  • Essentials of media relations-what to do when a reporter calls
  • Crafting effective, resonant messages
  • Responding to crisis and reputational challenges in the age of social media
  • How to prepare for an interview
  • How to anticipate and answer tough questions
  • Effective body language
  • How to avoid ambush interviews (and what to do if you are ambushed)

You will get realistic practice interviews, shot by an experienced TV News cameraperson.  We will play them back, show you how to improve and do it again.  We will leave you with takeaway tips to continue to grow and we’re here to help with follow up coaching when issues or opportunities arise.

It’s the real deal.

 *An estimate of how many interviews Sean conducted in 30+ years as a reporter


Presentation Training

We are all judged by how we speak, how we communicate and how we present ourselves.  Whether it is a board room or a court room, a pitch to a client, a speech to a room of 500 or a live broadcast to a million people, effective presentation can make the difference between triumph and disaster.

Public speaking does not come naturally to all of us.  But any of us can improve with the right kind of insightful coaching.

Sean has counselled a diverse array of high achievers, bringing out the hidden orator in all.  He is also a speech writer, and offers expert advice on crafting a winning presentation.

The PowerMayoral debate 2ful Presentations training sessions offer practical advice on:

  • Crafting winning speeches/presentations
  • Overcoming nerves
  • Voice & speech coaching
  • Effective body language
  • Pacing, projection and tone

He will get you on your feet to practise speaking in a safe, supportive and positive environment, video your performance, play it back and give advice on how to improve.   You will leave you with lessons that you can practise on your own and we offer follow up coaching to prepare you for your next moment in the spotlight.


Speech Writing

After a lifetime of speaking publicly, both to huge audiences on television or in more intimate settings Sean knows how to communicate through the spoken word. It is both art and craft to shape a speech that will not only engage and entertain, but also inform and influence. He has written for a senior government minister, a top executive of an iconic company as well as leaders in the arts and energy sectors. He also writes keynotes for himself–on his book, on crisis communications and the state of the news media.  Whether it is energy policy or health care, financial matters or the environment, Sean brings an innate knowledge of how to say it in words that resonate.

Message Preparation/Strategic Communications/Media Relations

You have something important to say. A new product.  A new service. A government initiative.  A response to a government initiative.

Facing camera 2

Something has gone wrong that threatens your reputation

You need the right words to convey the right message.   You need a compelling story, resonant word images, memorable quotes.

To find them, call upon a veteran journalist who has written award-winning broadcast and print articles;  who has crafted statements, speeches and press release that have impact, eloquence and clarity.   Sean collaborates with you and your team to draw out the most important and telling elements of your story and to put them into words that work. And when you are ready to deliver them, he stages realistic practice interviews to test their effectiveness.

With Sean’s in-depth knowledge of how the news media work, he brings invaluable insight into how to prepare and effectively roll out a communications plan.  As a veteran journalist, he knows how reporters work, knows their needs and demands and will ensure your media relations are handled smoothly and professionally.


Crisis Communications

Our most valuable asset is our reputation.  Nothing is more important.

CostaConcordia 2012When things go badly for individuals or organizations, the costs can be catastrophic.  There is never a more crucial time to communicate your side of the story, with the right words, the right tone and the right intentions.In the age of social media, a rapid response has never been more crucial, getting ahead of the story never more challenging.

Sean has been on both sides of crisis:  the reporter who asks the tough questions and the communications expert who develops effective responses and executes sophisticated plans to mitigate and repair reputational damage. His best advice is free: get ready.

Here’s how he helps:

  • Prepare crisis communications plans
  • Lead realistic crisis communications training sessions
  • Give specialized media training for crisis via his proprietary program: What To Say At The Worst Of Times
  • Delivers rapid response crisis counselling, with key message development (including social media) and media relations management