Media Training-Beyond the Basics

OREA media training

Just as you don’t take just one piano lesson, media training is not done when you’ve been introduced to the basics. Recently, I led a session for one of my best clients, a prominent industry organization that is often in the news. Its leaders have already gone through my proprietary “10,000 Interviews” program and are effective spokespeople. I took them to the next step with an intensive session focusing on preparing for interviews. The idea was to give them specific, practical tools that they can use to prepare themselves when a journalist calls. We talked about understanding the reporter’s agenda, anticipating her/his questions, developing credible answers, dealing with tough interrogations and ensuring that your most important messages are delivered. And then we put the tools into action with realistic practice interviews. Even the most experienced spokesperson needs to prepare and can benefit from one-on-one coaching in advance of an important interview.