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When Key Messages aren’t Enough

(Originally posted on LinkedIn March 24, 2019) Advisors to Ontario Education Minister Lisa Thompson must have thought long and hard before agreeing to book her for an interview with CBC Radio’s Matt Galloway. It meant subjecting a minister with a sketchy performance as a communicator to one of the most...
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The Best Communications Strategy: Do the Right Thing

Inspired by the story of the heroic Chinese doctor caught up in the coronavirus outbreak, I wrote a commentary for the Toronto Star on the importance of truth-telling, courage and listening in crisis communications.
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On the Buses, Off the Buses. (from Huffington Post)

For a young reporter, as I was once, there were few better assignments than a leader’s bus during an Ontario or federal election. You felt like you were making an important contribution to the democratic process: watching every move, listening to every word of a person aspiring to high political...
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